Aeronautical consulting
Olivier Delugeard, Aeronautical Consultant
With over 15 years of military flight experience he combines manual skills with design expertise to offer practical project management solutions. Training as a mechanic in the French Aeronautical School of the Ministry of Defense (DGA) he progressed to performing flight tests and designing testbed aircraft. Following a seamless transition to the civil domain he obtained the first EASA certification for an aeronautical maintenance company in Venezuela. His dynamic energy, his sense of responsibilities and a constant drive for excellence give him the ability to adapt to any situation.
Thibaud Lopez Schneider, Information Technology Consultant
Graduating from the University Paris XI, and from the ITIN-ESCIA, he developed his expertise in software companies for over 10 years. His versatility led him to live and work in the United States, France, Sweden and Venezuela representing customers worldwide. He specializes in software development, IT project management, architecture, and integration. His attention to detail ensures satisfaction for even the most demanding clients.
Fluent in English, French and Spanish.